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Company History

Brewing Tea

Afternoon Tea

She was a poised, genteel lady, classy dresser, and petite with silver white hair and sophisticated taste. She opened the door to a brightly lit, Victorian-themed living room, with a pre-dominant blue color scheme. She greeted me warmly and motioned me to a chair. I sat down and looked around appreciatively at the antique décor, while appreciating the warm aroma of some vanilla flavored baking wafting from the kitchen. All this while I admired the beautiful china tea services of silver and more so by the beautifully designed, delicate china tea cups and saucers on display in the cabinet. Needless to say, afternoon tea with my friend was delightful…

Life Happens

Fast-forward 15 years ahead. I moved, studied, worked in various fields before circumstances bought me back to my tea partner and I was shocked by her appearance. The bright blue eyes had lost their liveliness, her beautiful living room was unkempt and missing most of her antique teacups and my heart broke. I realized what my friend needed was someone to care for her in a respectful and dignified manner. To her existing caregivers, it was just a job to them. But before I could make a difference, she passed away. To this day I regret not keeping in touch, and wished I could have been there to help

Through my grief, an idea was born… I knew there were caring individuals with the necessary skills to help individuals who need assistance, not just necessary medical care, but apply the human element in a dignified way.

Colorful Balloons

Birth of GenCare 

It was under these principles that GenCare Resources was founded. With a background in training, human intelligence and management GenCare’s owner and founder Olive Gaye founded a company whose main core is focus on the individual unique needs, not just the physical aspect of home healthcare. Team GenCare’s members are qualified, skilled and chosen for their passion for their role. Additionally, there is on-going training and oversight to ensure our quality is consistent.

Since its inception, GenCare has built a reputation of family orientation caring and reliability. We extend our family-like caring to those we serve and are committed to providing exemplary care to those we are fortunate to serve. Our daily driven approach to ensure our standards meet the highest level of quality and attention, ensure both patients and their families can feel at ease, knowing that Team GenCare will always strive to provide the best in personalized, exceptional care.

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